Thermal baths

The reason why you should practice sport with Thermaesport

The general state of health in sportspeople is fundamental not only for their well-being, but also for their performances: even colds and flu affect athletes and their sport results, and recovering takes longer if these diseases are not cured properly. Thermal water inhalations have proved to be effective in making recovering times after competitions shorter and making it easier to be fit again.

Due to too tiring or even wrong training techniques, articular inflammations may become chronic, affecting the general state of health. In such cases, thermal muds have been useful thanks to the anti inflammatory properties acquired through a natural maturation process that makes thermal mud a natural remedy with no side effects, if compared to traditional medicine. As a consequence, mud plays an important role in the recovering process from the injuries that may occur in sport, but also to cure different types of illnesses, such as osteoporosis. It often affects sportswomen who do not reintegrate properly the mineral salts lost in trainings and it causes pain and muscular strength loss.
Sometimes trauma and injuries in sportspeople also have a psychological component for which thermal baths and their relaxing atmosphere have been positive. To sum up, thermal baths and treatments benefit both body and spirit, so that the general state of health is improved and better sport performances are possible as well.

dott. Fabrizio Caldara
Director of the Center for Thermal Studies
Pietro d’Abano